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Before you can enter your application, you need to register with the online application system. To start the registration, you will have to indicate the current stage of your scientific career. 

After choosing the proper category, you will have to fill in your title, first name, last name, and your email address.  

After successfull registration you will receive an email containing your account details  for accessing the online application system.

Note: In case you want to enter nominations instead of an application, please click here,  provided you received an access code from either the Abel Board, the ACM, IMU, DAAD or ORAU.

Please choose this category if you hold a Bachelor's degree and currently pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science or Mathematics (or a very closely related field).

Graduate PhD

If you are currently working towards a PhD in Mathematics or Computer Science, please register in this category.


If you have earned a PhD in Computer Science or Mathematics (or a closely related field) during the past 5 years, please register in this category. Please note that it is not required for you to hold a classical postdoc position at the moment. If you are, e.g., working in industry or as an Assistent Professor you may apply, too.